How do ontological questions relate to the philosophical project?

Although philosophy is divided into discrete inquiries, these areas have synergistic relationships and dependencies. Ontological issues are arguably the most important, serving as the ground of inquiries and repository for historical findings.

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...account, lasting roughly a week), the universe is thereafter allowed to unfold without further intervention - excepting miracles!

Ontological claims are the favourite hunting grounds of skeptics, who regularly find reasons to doubt any or all pronouncements - usually as a preamble to making pronouncements of their own. Certainly, ontological critiques regained importance with the work of phenomenologists and existentialists. Alfred North Whitehead's Process and Reality argued that 'things' and 'substances' are concrescences (gestalts, reifications) of underlying processes, and that the 'things we take for granted, and which comprise the phenomenal realm, are appearances ...