KCL and Ohm's Law

(I have attached a picture of the problem.)
With reference to Problem 2.7, use Kirchoff's current law and Ohm's law to find the resistances R1, R2, R3, R4, and R5 if R0=2 ohms. Assume R4=(2/3)R1 and R2=(1/3)R1.

Problem 2.7 was about finding the currents using Kirchoff's current law knowing that i0=2A, i1=-4A, iS=8A and Vs=12V.

The first step I took w/ this problem was to find the remaining currents. I found i3=2A and i2=6A. Next I set up Ohm's Law to solve for values of R:

I used the Vs, 12V for V. But I get R1=(12V)/(-4V)=-3V. R2=(12V)/(6V)=2V. R2 is supposed to be (1/3)R1 but 2 is not (1/3) of 3. Where am I going wrong?

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