Determining Characteristics of an Image: Mirror Example Problem

The problem below is similar to the problems in chapter 25 & 26 in the Cutnell and Johnson College Physics book so it should be solved in a similar fashion. This is physics-II WITHOUT calculus:

You are given a concave mirror with focal length 40.0cm. You start with an object 50.0cm high at 160cm in front of the mirror.

a) What are the characteristics of the image?

b) Now, you move the object in toward the vertex of the mirror, ending with the object at a distance of 25.0cm from the vertex. What are the new characteristics of new image and describe the behavior of the image in moving from (A) to (B).

Please clearly identify the answer to each question.

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Solution Preview

...Since the object is now within F (that is, between P and F), the image will be formed behind the mirror. It will be virtual, erect and magnified.

(C) As the object moves from ...