Approach to demonstrating causality in traffic circle design.

I have just attached my physics assignment regarding motor vehicle speed and safety with the task sheet along with my teachers feedback. I basically just need to analyse the data more and find more relationships. I was wondering whether anyone would be able to do this. I would like a lot of detail and many relationships and variables calculated/compared.
Please do this as soon as possible! :)

This was the extra feedback he sent me through email:
Please find attached your Physics assignment draft, with my feedback included via Track Changes comments. My main general feedback points are:
• You have included many repeated calculation methods. Only one example of each type of calculation is necessary - the working should be included in an Appendix. In your Results and Analysis sections, you should only show your input and output values for the calculations - these may or may not be tabulated.

• In your Physics Theory section, you should also include diagrams to support your explanations. This is especially true when you are describing vector analysis.

• Be careful in identifying proportionality relationships - when you are trying to determine the relationship between two variables, these need to be on opposite sides of the equation. Refer to my comments about the centripetal acceleration formula in your draft for more information.

• Once you have done your numeric analysis of each structure, see if you can spot relationships between patterns and trends across these structures. You might consider if the designated speed limits have any relationship with the size of these structures, or if your calculated maximum speeds have any relationship with the designated speed limits.

Amrit, are you going to do it??

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