The Nuclear Force of Attraction

The Nuclear Force

(a) If there were no nuclear attraction, what would be the acceleration of either of two protons released at a separation of 4fm (1fm = 10-15m)?

(b) The minimum kinetic energy of a nucleon in a rigid cubical box of side a is given to be 20MeV. By setting a approximately equal to ~ 2R , the nuclear diameter, and R = R0*A1/3 with R0 = 1.07fm, derive a formula for TK,min as a function of the mass number A.

(c) Find TK,min for 9Be and 238U.

(d) To illustrate the great strength of the nuclear force, do the following classical calculation:
Suppose that a nucleon in a nucleus oscillates in simple harmonic motion with amplitude about 4fm and peak energy 20MeV. Find the force required to produce this acceleration and compare the acceleration to that in part (a)

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