Critical Review: Canadian Senate Reform Issues

Provided in full below the actual academic problem: Critically review one proposal for Senate reform (e.g. Triple-E, abolition, etc). Would Senate reform have the desired effect or are there consequences which would outweigh the benefits? Why or why not? Cite relevant examples. reference at le...

A Discussion On Crown Corporations

1) What are Canada's crown corporations, and what do they do? 2) How well do Canada's crown corporations do their job? 3) What are the governance issues surrounding their operations?

The Canadian Parliamentary System

In recent elections, parties and candidates have been able to win while not capturing a majority of the vote. Many Canadians believe that this is not fair. How does the current election system work and what changes have been suggested to make the system better?

Judicial Activism in relation to the Canadian Supreme Court

In recent years, the term "Judicial Activism" has been used to describe the Canadian Supreme Court's ruling on a wide variety of issues (homosexual rights, women's rights, gun control, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc.) What is judicial activism and why is it supported/opposed?