Gramsci, free market, and civil society

According to Gramsci the free market/civil society do not maximize human freedom, they constrain it. Explain Gramsci's critique of the free market and civil society.

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...ability of the capitalist system to affect the exercise of personal freedom as significantly as the exercise of state power.

Gramsci offered two basic concepts in his analysis of modern society: political society or the 'repressive apparatus' of the state (i.e., the 'government' or the 'state') and civil society (or the private sphere as distinct from and opposed to the state) (Chris Hann, 1996). However, unlike the modern definition where 'civil society' is seen as the exclusive terrain of the exercise and enjoyment of freedom, Gramsci argued that both civil society and political society exercise the same functions: while political society organizes force, civil society organizes consensus or hegemony by non-violent means in support of the groups that most prosper by the maintenance of the liberal capitalist state (Buttigieg, 1993).

As Buttigieg argues, civil society in the modern liberal state is not a benign ...