Article review help is given.

1) Define the problem outlined in the article.

2) Describe the issues related to the problem addressed by the article.

3) Consider the implications of the article to employees, employers, and society.

a) What are the ramifications if the problem is not addressed?

b) What are the tangible benefits of resolving the problem?

4) Describe and evaluate any solutions provided in the article

Keep in mind that this is a critical review of an article, not just a summary. Informed interpretation and analysis is required.

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...cle to employees, employers, and society.
If people will have the access to methamphetamine, their lives will be turned upside down, because of the long term devastating effects of methamphetamine, both psychological as well as physical.
It will also be a huge loss of work hours since the abusing individuals will lose their time at work and incur health care costs to seek long term treatment against the methamphetamine addiction and get rehabilitated back into the society.

a) What are the ramifications if the problem is not addressed?

Communities, employers, families and the social fabric of a society free of substance abusing individuals, residing as their members will become nearly impossible, because the kind of dependence and addiction with methamphetamine will be long ranging and much more lasting when compared to other substances.

b) What are ...