Credible and non credible sources

How can you determine the credibility of a source located on line? I read in my course material somewhere, but I can't remember where in my weekly reading, that if there is an author and institution and can be clearly identified, it is a reputable source (E.g., from an educational institution? Professional Organization etc.)

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?Does the Web site belong to an individual, or is it part of a site maintained by an organization, academic institution, or other group? Does it list the author's position within this group?

2. Publishing Body/Publisher

Is the type of material appropriate for the assignment? Professional sources from the Web include professional home pages or online professional journals. Non-professional sources include personal home pages or online general audience magazines.
?Is the site sponsored by a respected organization?
?Does the site include an official insignia of the organization sponsoring it?
?Are you able to contact the webmaster or sponsoring organization from within the site?

3. Currency

?Can you identify the date created as well as date(s) revised?
?Does the site include information on how often the site is updated?
?Is a copyright date listed?
?Is there evidence of what Martin Irvine calls "linkrot"? Linkrotted sites include links that no longer exist or have simply moved; this implies poor upkeep of the site (138).

4 Perspectives

?Can you identify the goals of the site?
?Are these goals clearly stated?
?Does the focus of the text relate to the graphics in the site?
?Is the perspective appropriate for your paper?
?Are all sides of the issue fairly presented?

5. Coverage

?Is there an in-depth understanding of the related issues that shows the author's familiarity with the subject?
?Does the site include internal links that provide quick reference to the main sections of the document? Internal links show the author has given attention to the potential needs and ...