Cultural and Family Aspects of Suicide

Examine the cultural aspects of suicide and discuss the issues that follow suicide for family members and friends.

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...ntity issues relating to sexual orientation are also risk factors for suicidal behaviors. Children and adolescents who are not openly accepted in their culture, by their families and peers, or by their schools and other institutions have serious acceptance problems and lack supportive models for optimum development (

2. Discuss the issues that follow suicide for family members and friends.

Issues concerning the family include:

1. It is challenge to come to terms with the death by the family member or friend.
2. When the death is from suicide, family members and friends can experience an even more complex kind of grief.
3. While trying to cope with the pain of their sudden loss, they are overwhelmed by feelings of blame, anger and incomprehension.
4. Adding to their burden is the stigma that still surrounds suicide.
5. Survivors of suicide and their friends can help each other and themselves by gaining an understanding of grief after suicide. For survivors, it helps to know that the intensity of their feelings is normal. Friends can learn how to support the bereaved (

The following excerpt expands on the above points.


A Different Grief

Survivors of suicide ?the family and friends of a person who completes suicide ?feel the emotions that death always brings. Adding to their suffering is the shock of a sudden, often unexpected death. As well, they may feel isolated and judged by society, friends and colleagues.

Some people compare the emotional stress to being trapped on an endless roller-coaster. Survivors may feel:

1. guilt, anger, blame, ...