How is motivation exhibited in behavior?

a. Define motivation.
b. Identify at least two sources of motivation.
c. Explain the relationship between motivation and behavior.
d. Examine how motivation is exhibited in behavior.

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...t (positive force).

Two other sources of motivation include intrinsic or extrinsic motivators. Intrinsic is when the force comes from within oneself. Extrinsic is when the external forces, positive or negative, produce a behavioral change.

(1) Extrinsic motivation would include circumstances, situations, rewards or punishment, both tangible and intangible that participation in results in an external benefit. Tangible benefits could include monetary reward or a prize. Intangible could include things like adoration, recognition, and praise.

(2) Intrinsic motivation would include involvement in behavioral pattern, thought process, action, activity or reaction for its own sake and without an obvious external incentive for doing so. A hobby is an example. If you are desirous of mastering public speaking for the sake of mastery and not any reward, you have experienced intrinsic motivation. (

c. Explain the relationship between ...