On Police Wellness (Psychology)

Forensic psychology professionals face the same emotional, psychological, and physical risks and stresses as police professionals when it comes to wellness and self-care. Ultimately, forensic psychology professionals are exposed to the same crimes, criminals, victims, environments, and traumas as police professionals through their work with and in police organizations. As such, forensic psychology professionals who work with trauma victims (both the first responders as well as individuals who directly experience the trauma) are at high risk for developing vicarious trauma. In order to mitigate these risks, forensic psychology professionals must maintain their own wellness and self-care through the same strategies that they encourage police professionals to use.

• "Compassion Fatigue and Psychological Stress Among Social Workers: A Validation Study"

• "Professional Health and Well-Being for Psychologists"

• "Occupational Vulnerability for Psychologists"

• "Psychological Wellness and Self-Care as an Ethical Imperative"

• "Risk Factors and Self Care for Practitioners Working With Trauma Clients"

• Review the article, "In Pursuit of Wellness: The Self-Care Imperative," and consider the wellness issues that psychology professionals may face. Consider the self-care strategies that forensic psychology professionals can use to address wellness issues when working with and in police organizations.

• Think about the forensic psychology professional role that you selected to inform your Final Project. Consider the potential wellness issues related to this role and focus on how a forensic psychology professional would prevent or mitigate these issues.

a description of the role that you selected to inform your Final Project. Then, analyze the potential wellness issues related to this role, and evaluate how a forensic psychology professional would prevent or mitigate these wellness issues.

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...gotiations; or providing stress counseling in law enforcement environments."

As explained above - important elements in this role include stress counseling and ensuring that officers are fit for duty. These concerns fall under the 'mental wellness' umbrella so that officers and staff working within the police administration remit of the psychologist are supported to be healthy psychologically as it is an essential to ensure that they function as best as possible as fundamental human resources in the provision of police services to keep peace and order and the community. But, as discussed above - stresses of policing can 'eat' at the police officer or the support staff so that over time demands from both personal and professional life can weaken their psychological health and lead to problematic ...