Psychoanalytic Approach to Psychology

What is the psychoanalytic approach to psychology? What are the founding assumptions, methods of study and areas of explanation?

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...' motivate an individual's behaviour, there are 2 drives:

(a) Sex drive - this is derived from 'Eros' the life instinct
(b) Aggression drive - this is from 'Thantos' the death instinct

These drives are thought to create 'psychic energy, this energy can build up (much like a steam engine) and create anxiety and tension in a person

5) Stages of development - it is assumed that there are 'psychosexual stages' whereby the sequence is determined by maturation. The individual is shaped by early childhood experiences.


The preferred method employed by the psychoanalytic approach is the CASE STUDY. The case study method is where the patients are seen on a one-to-one basis, patients are seen for a few times per week and often for many months.

The psychologist talks to the patient and the patient's responses are analyzed and ...