Sigmund Freud and Anna O case

Describe and critique the traditional analysis of the Anna O. case and explain what Sigmund Freud believed he had learned from it.

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...hat the case of Anna O, along with being a clear demonstration of the talking cure, is an example of induced deception where the true meaning of actions or symptoms is disguised. Anna's theatrical symptoms have become the model for a "theatre of cure?created by Breuer and Freud. According to Gilhooey, the contemporary psychoanalytic community continues to misrepresent the case to defend against various forms of awareness, the most serious being the role of destructive aggression in Anna's pathology and Breuer's destructive actions, which inflicted harm on his patient.

However, there are others that support Breuer's and Freud's interpretation of the Anno O case, and the role of the case on today's psychoanalysis e.g. free association or the "talking cure.?For example, Skues (n.d) analyzed the case of Anno O supports the published writings Sigmund Freud. He agrees with Freud's ideas, who maintained that it was the success of Josef Breuer's treatment of Anna O. that prepared the ground for the development of ...