Teen DUI: Causes

Now that you have critically analyzed the problem/issue, it is time to present your findings to others in the course. Feedback from others is useful in ensuring that the critical analysis is on target. Select one of the causes deemed most influential in the development of the problem/issue a

an analysis of one cause/effect of the problem/issue you selected. Include in your analysis what happened and who was affected, negatively and/or positively.

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...biological constitution so that decision making is impaired even with a lower alcohol consumption compared to adults, the likelihood that teens driving under the influence of alcohol have passengers so that in a crash, the number of injured or loss of life goes up.

For me, if there is one cause that is the main issue, it is the lack of measures behind graduated licensing to ensure that teens are imbued with better training and a better appreciation of responsibility behind driving including driving sober - not under the influence. Driver responsibility over themselves, their cars, their passengers, and other cars on the road has to be 'ingrained' and highlighted in any licensing course as an important safety measure. Under its umbrella, steps to ensure safety must be understood and accepted as essential to being a licensed driver - the use of seatbelts, the importance of following road signs, following the speed limit, and above all, ensuring that they do not consumer any alcohol when they are ...