The impact of treatment setting on client resistance

I need help understanding when dealing with clients who are resistant, please explain how the treatment setting matters and give examples of such settings. A peer review source to review will also be helpful.

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...mselves from emotional pain.

Now, for treatment settings, I will start with the most intense and go to the least.
1. In prisons and some jails, treatment programs are offered on-site. If an inmate is required to receive services for an earlier release, thy may comply by attending, but consciously resist the process by being deceptive or superficial. Even an inmate who is not required to attend individual or group sessions might request treatment just to get out of their cell, so they are likely to be resistant to the process. This is not to say that there are no willing clients in prison. Some people will be sincere in their efforts to overcome substance abuse, anxiety, and depression.
2. Residential treatment centers are typically long term programs and some clients may be ...