Trends in Psychological Measurement: Item-Response Theory (IRT)

An outcome of increasing computer technology is that item-response theory (IRT) is becoming increasingly easy to apply. New software and fast and inexpensive computers are readily accessible. This has made possible the development of item banks and computer administration that can be carefully matched to an examinee's ability level. IRT also allows test items to be compared across languages and cultures.

Can you please help me with a brief summary of this article: Naglieri, J. A., Drasgow, F., Schmit, M., Handler, L., Prifitera, A., Margolis, A., & Velasquez, R. (2004). Psychological testing on the Internet: New problems, old issues. American Psychologist, 59(3), 150-162.

Explain how the article characterizes the trend.

Explain two implications of this trend in future testing, measurement, and research.

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