Value Individualism is assessed.

Generally speaking, do you place more value on the well-being of the
individual or the group? When and why do you value individualism? When
and why do you value group orientation?

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Solution Preview plan. People acting as individuals will be able to act without concern for the group, and may be able to break through in a situation where quick and decisive action is needed. Again, though, as individuals we are often blind to the flaws in our own thinking.

Working in a group and being committed to a group orientation also has its pros and cons. In a group, ideas can be shared, discussed, and built on by people with a variety of opinions. This can act as a brainstorming session, with ideas inspiring other ideas and fostering creative thinking. It can also act as as a filter that separates the weak or ineffective ideas from the more useful ones, or highlights flaws in a plan that need to be addressed. The problems typically arise with the inevitable disagreements between ...