What contributions did Mary Whiton Calkins make to psychology?

I need information on Mary Whiton Calkins theoretical perspective and her contributions to the field of psychology.

Possibly a detailed explanation.

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...studies in psychology in many journals. She has worked a lot on psychological theory and psychology.

Dream Research:
Calkins worked on a research project that comprised of conducting studies on the content of dreams that were recorded over a seven week period during the Spring of 1891 (Furumoto, 1980). Her research work included recording every feature of whatever was dreamt each night, soon after waking up from a dream. Calkins concluded that a close relationship existed between an individual's dream life and waking life. According to her, dreams are the reproduction of an individual's recent sense perception in relation to persons, places, and events (Furumoto, 1980). She has been praised by dream researchers in neurosciences and Sigmund Freud for her work regarding dream research.

Paired-Associate Technique:
The research method followed by Calkins was of much significance as compared to the results of her doctoral research. Her method of research comprised of showing a series of colors that were paired with numerals. It was followed by testing for the recall of the ...