Temporal lobe control is examined

What does the temporal lobe control? What damage does this area of the brain have?

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...l agnosia'). There may also be an inability to comprehend non-verbal sounds (sound agnosia).

- If there is damage to area 22 (wernickes area) an individual's language comprehension may be affected.

- Memory and learning deficits can also result from temporal lobe damage.

- If temporal lobe damage impair memory and learning then a change in personality may also result.

- Damage to the right temporal (and orbitofrontal cortex) has been associated with deficits in odor recognition memory.

The cortical connections between the temporal cortex and the orbitofrontal region are also important for olfactory perception and discrimination. As the lobe is closely related to subcortical structures this may also control emotional reactivity.

Temporal lobe and memory loss

Damage to this lobe and especially the anterior ...