Effective Research Conducted

Doctoral learners must become information-literate individuals who are able to locate, identify, evaluate, and organize research. In a Topic of current situation in the country as it relates to immigrants, including arrests and deportations, banning of individuals from some countries, building walls I am required to find five empirical research studies from peer reviewed journals on this dissertation research interests. I need to discuss the process for conducting a search. What resources will be used to explore the literature in this field and how will I evaluate the quality of the articles selected?

Research is connected and personal and it is important for learners to recognize their subject position, in order to critically evaluate data, as well as communicate their subject position within a research study to minimize bias. Some Universities supports academic and spiritual growth with the belief that the combination of the two will make a positive impact on scholarship and the individual.
How might worldview influence the role as a scholar and researcher? How can a worldview, Christian or otherwise, enrich research through a union of faith and academics? How might one handle perspectives, topics, and research that may challenge his or her worldview?

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