The ability of children to remember traumatic events is discussed.

I have a question regarding memory If a rape took place when the individual were a child can that tragedy be block out of the memory or can the person still remember what happen but not in so many details?

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...h the abuser; one of the most troubling aspects of child abuse is that it is so often perpetrated by someone the child should be able to trust.

Despite the tales of "repressed memory therapy" uncovering memories of child abuse (most of which were later proven to have been implanted in the patient's mind by the therapist), people very, very rarely completely repress memories of trauma. Often children will attempt to force the memories from their mind, but this causes its own problems; these children (and I work with a number of them) may start acting out in school and at home, displaying their inner pain through destructive or risk-taking behavior. They may have great difficulty forming normal attachments after being betrayed by a trusted adult. As teenagers, individuals with a childhood history of trauma are very likely to use drugs or participate in risky sexual behaviors.

In my experience, most children who have experienced sexual abuse have horrifically clear memories of the event. They may have ...