Evolutionary accounts of human behaviour, especially female mate preferences

Why are women more selective with their mate choices?

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...ctive when choosing a mate. This theory has been found in many psychological studies.

Women's preference for Economic Resources

The evolution of women's preference for a permanent mate with resources requires three preconditions;

1. Resources have to be accruable, defensible and controlled by men during human evolutionary history.

2. Men would have to differ from each other & holdings and their willingness to invest in women and children.

3. The advantage of being with one man must outweigh the advantage of being with many.

Such criteria can be easily met in today's society as men control most of the resources.

Women's preference for good financial prospects

Evidence from dozens of studies has found that American women value economic resources in mates substantially more than men. Hill (1945) revealed that women valued financial prospects in a mate twice as highly men did (this finding was replicated in 1956 and 1967).

Widerman (1993) also found in his study of 1,111 personal adds that female advertisers seek financial resources roughly eleven times as often as males did.

Cross-cultural data supports the hypothesis of evolutionary psychologists that current women are the descendents of a long line of women who had this mate preference.

Women's preference for High School status and Ambition

In traditional hunter-gatherer societies men had clearly defined hierarchies, this is still the case in society today, furthermore many cultures have invented words or phrases to describe men who are of high status.

Women appear to desire men who command a high position within society. The reason for this is that social status is a universal cue to the control of resources. Women have been found to place great value on education and professional degrees (this is strongly linked to social status).

In the vast study of 37 cultures (conducted by Buss et al, 1990), it was found that women valued social status in a mate more than men in both communist and capitalist countries, ...