Embryo Donation Couples' Counseling

Transitioning to Parenthood Scenario

Using articles from library searches, analyze the social, psychological, work, and financial adjustments that the couple in the scenario below might experience as they move into parenthood. Discuss any cultural issues that might impact the transition.

Joe and Cathy Ramirez, a young Mexican American couple, have been married for three years. Joe, 26, is a computer analyst for a growing company, and Cathy, 24, is a marketing assistant. They were childhood sweethearts and married right after college. They are expecting their first child through an embryo donation. They feel fortunate that both sets of parents live 15 to 20 miles from them.

Ethics and Practice Scenario
Recall the couple from this unit's first discussion, the Ramirez couple. Imagine you are a practitioner who is leading parenting and counseling courses for expecting parents in the Ramirez's community. As a practitioner, you have ambivalent feelings about embryo donations. What ethical issues emerge for you as a practitioner?

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