Abraham and his blessing to the world

I am writing a paper on the Abrahamic Covenant. I am having trouble formulating my thesis statement. I have written the following statements and would like assistance in choosing which one would be the best one to choose for the paper. Any suggestions on tweeking the statements if needed is greatly appreciated. Also if you could provide some information on the Abrahamic Covenant that will assist me in writing my paper along with the scholarly sources that you use and any suggestions on topics/subjects I should include in the paper. Thank you!

I a considering one of these statements for my thesis for my paper on the Abrahamic Covenant. I am just not sure which one I should use, but it cannot sound like a devotion.

The covenant that God made with Abraham would bless the world.

Abraham plays a significant role in biblical study as the father of monotheism, his illustration of great faith, sacrifice, and his eternal covenant with God that would ultimately bless the world.

The redemptive grace of God is realized through the disclosure of the promise given to Abraham and therefore the evolvement of the Abrahamic covenant.

The Abrahamic Covenant was conditional based on Abraham's obedience the text ultimately reveals once he obeyed God it was rendered unconditional and the the covenant was guaranteed.


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