Isaiah: The literary and higher critical views.

What are the literary and higher critical views on Isaiah 1-2, 5-6, 9-12, and 36-39?

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... the lead up to the fall of the north (i.e. Samaria a.k.a. "Israel") at the hands of the Assyrians, which is the context for Isaiah's warnings for the south (i.e. Judah).
From a literary perspective, focus on who is being addressed in the passages. Isa 1-2 is attacking the "evildoers" of the north, but it is really addressed to those in the south - those of the "faithful city" (Isa 1:26), the city of Jerusalem. The anticipated punishment of the north is being used as a warning for the south. In Isa 5, this warning to the south is no longer indirect or subtle. ...