Literary and higher critical views of Samuel.

What are the literary and higher critical views of I Samuel 8-13 and II Samuel 1, 6-7, 10-13, and 22?

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...quer its enemies. Now Saul shall be destined to lose his kingship. 2 Sam 1 has David firmly established as the favourite for the kingship, with Saul dead and his son Jonathan as well. By 2 Sam 6-7, David is king over Judah, but not of the United Kingdom (i.e. Judah and Israel). He also has not yet established himself in Jerusalem. These matters are resolved in these pivotal two chapters. In Sam 10-12, David is defeating all enemies and building up the power of Israel. 2 Sam 22 is a song by David in praise of God, in which he sums up his dedication to God and his faith in Him (contrast this with Saul's lack of faith), and connects his ...