Mathew 1, Luke 3:23-38, Mark 1-8, and Mark 9-16: The literary and higher critical views.

What are the literary and higher critical views of Mathew 1, Luke 3:23-38, Mark 1-8, and Mark 9-16?

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...k of the effect that such a genealogical line might have in terms of establishing Jesus as the legitimate successor of the early patriarchs and kings (remember Jesus is the "son of [king] David"). What is the significance of Matthew beginning from Abraham? Remember, Abraham is the father of Israel - the nation of the Jews (think of Matthew's audience). What is the significance of Luke ending in God? For example, examine the way Mark begins (1:1), "Jesus Christ, the Son of God" and Luke 22:70, "Art thou ten the Son of God?" Again, think of the audiences - do Greeks and Romans have a special interest in men being descended from gods - the divine in human form?
<br>From a higher critical perspective, Matthew is often held to be the oldest book. Matthew is a Hebrew name, and some of the events he emphasizes in contrast to the other books have significance largely to Jews. This can also be seen in the genealogy. ...