Slavery in Philemon

Paul appears to take slavery as a given (for granted) in this letter to Philemon. He does not seem to be especially critical of the practice nor does he insist that Onesimus be freed once he returns to Philemon. Is this a problem? Does Paul say anything in his letter to Philemon that might indicate ...

Council of Jerusalem

The Church's first Council (Conference, pp. 297-298) revealed some differences in ideas of ministry and mission between Paul and the Church in Jerusalem. What were some of those differences and do you think that the early church's experience in dealing with these differences can be helpful for deali...

Gender and Sexuality in Christian Thought

Write a paper of 2,000-3,000 words (7-10 pages, excluding front and back pages). The final paper must include 3 primary sources and 4-6 secondary sources. Your paper must draw upon the writings of Church Fathers, scholars, theologians, and historians, as well as Scripture to present a concise overvi...

The Role of APEST in the 21st Century Church

Research Paper Description Students will write an 8 to 10 page (not including title page or bibliography) research paper about the role of APEST in the 21st Century Church. In the research paper, the student will address three questions 1. What disciplines are essential for spiritual growth? ...

Experiencing God through the Five Senses

What is meant by "engaging God with all five senses?" Describe what this concept looks like. Explain what it means to love God completely. Provide biblical passages to support your claims. Nothing long... something short and sweet

Unconditional Love

Can you please help me explain this? With Your Hands are you giving love? Not the kind of love that says I'll do this for you if you do this for me - (That's conditional love). God provided unconditional love and that's what we are called to do! He did not give us gifts to hold on to, but with ou...

Howard Thurman on the Mystic

What is the definition of mysticism and what is the definition of a person who is considered a mystic? What were Howard Thurman's thoughts regarding being a mystic and mysticism?

Parousia and I Thessalonians

Hello all our discussion group is discussing the following I'm interested in hearing opinions related to the following. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:28. Identify one problem experienced by the Thessalonian Christians that relates to the parousia. Why was this a problem? What, if anything, surpris...

Performing a Sacred Reading

Please help with the following problem: Explain to someone how to perform a sacred reading for a most rewarding experience.

Lessons from Sabbath

Please help with the following problem: In 250-500 words please record your experience practicing the discipline you selected. How was the spiritual discipline beneficial to you throughout the week? Was it challenging? If so, explain.

Meaning of Spiritual Warfare in the Bible

Explain what is meant by spiritual warfare in the Bible by addressing the following: Define spiritual warfare. Does it exist? How does one identify spiritual warfare? What does spiritual warfare look like in the Bible? Provide biblical passages to support your claims. In the following Bible passa...

Acts 16:1

Acts 16:1-5 and I Timothy 5: 1-16. Document in 250 words or less the insight you gain from these passages concerning approaches to mentorship,

Proverbs 27:9

Proverbs 27:9. Document the knowledge you gain from this proverb and specify how it relates to Godly counsel...

Samuel 18:1-4 Relates to Counseling

Please help with the following problem: Read the passages 18:1-4 from I Samuel. Document in 250 words or less the knowledge you gain from these passages and specify how it relates to counseling.

youth counseling

Least three different potential strategies and objectives to conduct effective holistic youth counseling within the context of a local church. Be sure to address best practices, and how the program will tie into existing government programs and resources

Variations of ancient religions and cults

What are all the variations of ancient religions and new religions that are popping up today? How do we discern the difference between a cult and a legitimate religion? Are there dangers (pitfalls) of Secularism in our culture today?

Thesis of "With Head and Heart"

What is the thesis of the book, "With Head and Heart"? How did the obstacles he endured in life transform from liabilities to assets? What events in his life act as a mirror of the thesis and what events in his life validate the thesis?


Please provide some information on Wicca and ideas for the Introduction to help get me started on the following assingment: TASK: My topic for my paper is Wicca. I need information and help in how to start the paper. It involves an interview with a Wicca follower which I have done.

Meditation Practiced in the West

In what ways do we see meditation being practiced in the West. These ways can be religious in nature, or not. Clue: Think of meditation in ways beyond the stereotype of someone sitting cross legged staring blankly into space - though this is certainly part of it as well; and has some basis in Wes...

Origination of Jehovah's Witnesses

Need a little background information on the Jehovah's Witnesses about where they originated from? What are there beliefs? What is their stand on God? Why do the minister from door to door? and How did the Watchtower come about?