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Engineering Samples

Saturated and unsaturated synchronous reactance

The following readings are taken from the results of an open- and a short-circuit test on a 9375-kVA three-phase Y-connected 13,800- V (line-to-line) two-pole 60-Hz turbine generator driven at synchronous speed: _____________________________________________________________ Field current, A 169 192 Armature current, short-circuit test, A 392 446 Line voltage, open-circuit characteristic,V 13,000 13,800 Line voltage, air-gap line, V 15,400 17,500 The armature resistance is 0.064 Ohms/phase. The armature leakage reactance is 0.10...

RC Series Circuit: Magnitude and Phase Angle

An RC series circuit has a voltage source of 10Vac, a resistor of 10ohms, and a capacitor with an impedance of -j10ohms. How do I find the magnitude and phase angle of the current flow through the capacitor?

Problem Feeder - Transformer

A single-phase load is supplied through a 35 kV feeder whose impedance is 115 + j380 Ohms and a 35 kV, 2400 V transformer whose equivalent impedance is 0.26 + j1.21 Ohms referred to its low voltage side. The load is 180 kW at 0.87 leading power factor and 2320 V. (a) Compute the voltage at high-voltage terminals of the transformer. (b) Compute the voltage at the sending end of the feeder. (c) Compute the power and reactive power input at the sending end of the feeder.

Circuit analysis and efficiency

A fully loaded 440V, three phase motor draws 12.4A at 86% power factor (pf). Its speed is 1730 rpm and its torque output to a mechanical load is 29.1 lb-ft*1.356=39.5Nm. What is the output HP and the efficiency?

Centripetal Force on a Car

A car with a mass of 2,000. kilograms is moving around a circular curve at a uniform velocity of 25 meters per second. The curve has a radius of 80 meters. What is the centripetal force on the car? a. 625 N b. 703N c. 15,625 N d. 20,250 N

Finding the volume of hydrogen

A hydrogen filled balloon of the type used in cosmic ray studies is to be expanded to its full size which is a 100-ft diameter sphere, without stress in the wall at an altitude of 150,000 ft. If the pressure and temperature at this altitude are 0.14 psia and -67 degrees F respectively, Find the volume of hydrogen at 14.7 psia and 60 degrees F that should be added on the ground. Neglect the balloon's weight.

Beam deflection at corner through centroid?

I'm asked to determine the deflection of the tip of a beam for a 2000N load. The section is rotated 15 degrees. The load application point is through the centroid of section. Another way to describe the picture is that the beam is cocked to one side by 15 degrees and the load almost at one corner [maybe width*cos(15)] aiming to the diagonal corner. Given load=2000N, on the tip of a 1m beam. Beam dimensions are H=80mm B=W=40mm and t=thickness of 1.5mm.

Fuel Consumption

Consider a nuclear power plant that produces 1000 MW of power and has a conversion efficiency fo 30% (that is, for each unit of fuel energy used, the plant produces 0.3 unit of electrical energy). Assuming continuous operation, determine the amount of nuclear fuel consumed by this plant per year. Please show steps and explain. Thanks.