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Health Sciences Samples

The right to die and the culture of death.

Take a position on the following statement: Our current acceptance of a right to die, especially for those who are unconscious and need a proxy decision maker, is a rather slippery slope that may, in the future, be used not to protect individual autonomy or privacy but rather to serve as a facade to rid us of individuals whose lives we do not value.

The unabated continuation of the proliferation and fragmentation of the health professions.

You have been asked to prepare a speech to deliver to an industry group about the following topic, "From the United States view": The unabated continuation of the proliferation and fragmentation of the health professions. What are the desirable and undesirable aspects of this fragmentation? Should actions be taken to slow or stop this trend? If so, what should be done and how can it be achieved?

Case Study: Unprofessional Conduct and Interfering with the Patient-Physician Relationship in Nursing

In the mid 1970s, a nursing educator in Idaho had contact, through a student, with a female client who had chronic myelogenous leukemia. This form of leukemia can often be managed for years with little or no chemotherapy. The woman had done well for about twelve years and ascribed her good condition to health foods and a strict nutritional regime. However, her condition had turned worse several weeks before and her physician had advised her that she needed chemotherapy if she were to have any chance at survival. The physician had also advised her of the potential side effects of the therapy including hair loss, nausea, fever, and immune system suppression. The woman consented to the ther...