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Political Science Samples

U.S. Constitutional Law Question

Due to the current interest in Gay Marriage in California and other states...I wondered if anyone knew if there was an Article or Section of the United States Constitution that could be seen as directly related to this issue? Just curious!

Relating Realism & Power to Terrorism & its Motivation

To what extent does realist theory help to explain the incidence of international terrorism What specific should be developed? Are stated motivations necessarily the real motivations? Can religious motivations fit into a theory that explains everything in terms of power? Realism doesn't teach about moral values, and these values are often the cause of terrorism. Give different motivation for terrorism.


In order to improve attendance at meetings, council members were offered small monetary incentives for every meeting they attended. However, attendance actually decreased. Which theory of motivation best explains this result _________ achievement orientation, expectancy theory, intrinsic motivation, Maslow's Heierarchy I believe - expectancy theory is the correct answer. Please advise answer & why. Thanks much!