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Sociology Samples

Cultural point of others

I need to find 10 references which three should be from sociologists views that Generate and evaluate reasons why people may not appreciate the cultural points view by others. Discuss how appreciating cultural diversity affects peoples' ability to communicate effectively in the context of a multi-national corporation or an international non-profit agency. Some of the links are not to websites but are pdf files that need to be downloaded.

What is the Field of Sociology?

An explanation of the field of sociology is needed because many students go through their undergraduate education without really understanding what sociology is all about! Please provide a solution that will help explain the field of sociology, basic assumptions and its relation to the other disciplines.

The sociological perspective on crime.

Describe the sociological perspective toward crime, making certain that you define the three major concepts: 1) consensus and conflict perspectives (i.e. functionalist, structural and subcultural theories) 2) the interactionist perspective 3) Marxist perspective Use examples of crime, such as from the mass media, to illustrate this perspective.