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Statistics Samples

Correlation Analysis and Business Decisions

A. How is correlation analysis used in a business decision? b. How can correlation analysis be misused to explain cause and effect relationship? c. How is coefficient of determination used to make decisions? d. What is the standard error of estimate? Describe with an example. e. What are the coefficients of the linear regression model and what do they mean? f. What are the various statistics reported in a regression output?

Coffee Time: Expected Payoff

Coffee Time is considering selling juices along with its other products. States of Nature High Sales Med. Sales Low Sales A (0.2) B (0.5) C (0.3) A1 (sell juices) 3000 2000 -6000 A2 (don't sell juices) 0 0 0 The probabilities shown above represent the states of nature and the decision maker's (ex manager) degree of uncertainties and personal judgment on the occurrence of each state. What is the expected payoff for actions A1 and A2 above? What would be your recommendation? Interpret the results based on practical considerations.

Primary and Secondary Research

How would managers find benefit in helping them to obtain valuable information in problem identification research. Discuss whether these data are secondary or primary and justify your answers 1. Forecasting and business trend research 2. Market share and market potential 3. Segmentation and marketing mix research 4. Image and market characteristic research