Sheltered Workshop Programs

I need of information on sheltered workshops program, it must include transitioning from sheltered to community employment, data on closure of the programs, quantitative studies and references. Must be at least 7 pages

Equal Rights Proposition for Persons with Disabilities

- Summarize the existing or proposed solutions for different groups or locales that are currently or have previously addressed the issue. - Your team's compromise solution (adapted from previously existing solutions) or a new solution devised by your team as an alternative to existing solutions.

ADA Implications

These questions are considered: What issues would an agency have when trying to offer accessibility to all clients (ADA)? Would there be an impact of the costs in retrofitting offices and buildings?

Disability Misconceptions

This posting examines how attitudes and perceptions about disability issues been influenced by your reading.

Research about children with learning disabilities

This job offers resources about children with learning disabilities and the advocate role. It addresses the issue of advocacy in the human services field. It also includes a personal perspective on how you, as an advocate, can assist with problems such as housing, treatment, short- and long-term me...