Broke Welfare System


• Why do people take advantage of the welfare system? How is this a problem in America?
• Why should the current welfare system approach/policy option be changed?
• What are recommendations for action that could slow or stop people from taking advantage of the welfare system?
• Why is this an important issue for Americans, especially Congress? (first 4 questions 300 words)

• What does Congress know about the problem?
• What is the root of the problem? People utilizing the system incorrectly, while others suffer the consequences. People rather collect welfare than finding work
• What is some evidence, data or numbers that reflects this problem? SPECIFIC INFO
• What is clear statement of the policy implications of the problem which clearly establishes the current importance and policy relevance of the issue? (Next 4 questions 300 words)

• What are detail shortcomings, critiques of the current approach or options being implemented in the current system? Illustrate both the need for change and focus of where change needs to occur.
• What is detailed and convincing proposal of how the failings of the current approach require change? Include a breakdown of the specific practical steps or measures that need to be implemented. Make sure your recommendations are specific and achievable. Re-emphasizing the problem and importance of action. (Last 2 questions 200 words)

*800 words for 8 credits*

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