Welfare System Potential Actions

• What are potential actions (recommendations/solutions/changes) that can better manage the nations welfare system? BE SPECIFIC

• Who is the audience these actions would target? BE SPECIFIC. The target audience is the one that can actually DO what is being recommended. The audience must fit the solutions

• Why should these actions be taken? How is the current welfare system a problem? BE SPECIFIC AND STATE IT AS A PROBLEM

• Why is the problem important to the targeted audience? What is the audience's point of view? Why should the audience care? Convincing a specific group of people to do something, you must be able to convince that group of people that the issue is worthy of their time/energy.

• What is known about the audience (e.g., technical knowledge, knowledge of the issue, understanding of the academic literature/background related to the issue, political or organizational culture or constraints, exposure to the issue, potential openness to the message)? BE SPECIFIC

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