Alcohol and Drug Abuse

1. Who are key stakeholders in an alcohol and drug abuse program? Describe their
role. That is, identify who is invested in this program's success (100 words)

2. What are some ways that a program (alcohol and drug abuse program) success could be defined? What is a clear statement that clearly specifies success for this particular program (i.e., how will we know that the program is successful vs. not successful? (100 words)

3. a. List 2 (distinct) outcomes that demonstrate that the program is effective.
b. Identify 2 (distinct) indicators that measure program success/effectiveness for outcome 1.
c. Identify 2 (distinct) indicators that you could use to measure program success/effectiveness for outcome 2.

4. Describe a plan for data collection for this program, including how it would be collected (e.g., surveys; observations; interviews) and from whom (think about stakeholders and anyone that is influenced by this program.

(This question is asking to elaborate on information that was identified in Q1 and Q2 (a-c). In Q2 (a-c), you identified what you will look for to measure program efficacy as a way to determine whether the program is successful or not; in Q4, you are describing a plan for how you will obtain this information.) (200 words)

5. Describe how this overall gathered information determines whether the program's goals are realized in the outcomes that are assessed.(200 words)


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