Cultural Diversity Benefits/Challenges

One or more experiences from your current workplace (or if not currently working, some past, future, "pretend" workplace), describe and discuss some "benefits" AND describe and discuss some "challenges" of various dimensions (gender, ethnicity/race, age, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, education/experience, religion, differently abledness, etc.) of cultural diversity in your workplace

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...ced differing ways of reaching out in their home countries.

Cultural diversity can also bring some challenges, because as with any group of people, you may not always see eye to eye. This can happen in offices where people even have various religious affiliations. In the office I mentioned earlier, we had several people who believed in Christianity, one muslim, and one atheist. Sometimes when people said things like, "I'm praying on that." or "Have you prayed about that (issue of concern)?" People were offended from time to time, especially the atheist, who did not ...