A discussion of social stratification

A discussion is needed on the topic of social stratification. Please include information on:
1. Theorists such as Marx
2. How each type of society uses social stratification to help maintain itself
3. Hierarchy and privilege

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... in societies differ from one society (culture) to another. For example, perhaps lawyers enjoy high occupational status in a society but are seen as scum in another. Or that in some societies, a priest yields more privilege than a rich businessman.

Besides being arranged in hierarchies, classes could be used to refer to communities of people who include members who share common characteristics and exclude those who do not. However, this does not mean that one class is more privileged than another. For example, Muslims might differentiate themselves from Buddhists but that does not mean that one is more privileged than another (unless that happens in an Islamic state).

Besides such real life definitions of classes, one also needs to know the theoretical background of the issues of social stratification. Keep in mind that the unique thing about social stratification is that it is a kind of differentiation of a single species into sub-species, but that this differentiation is not a biological one. Just imagine you have a pen of pigs that look exactly the same, have the same DNA and eat the same stuff. But within this pen, you have a leader, a deputy, a group of soldiers, farmers, cleaners, religious leaders, etc. Does that look absurd to you? This is what is happening in human society.

How then do we go about explaining this absurdity? We need then to understand that sociology deals with the possibility of social order. And the ...