Contemporary of social thought

If anyone has had or is taking Contemporary of Social Thought, please help me to understand it! My professor's test are two essays and true and false questions.

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...include Foucault who argued that we are never free, whatever we do, we are still reproducing the power structure. People call him a structuralist. So far, I have not really come across anyone who believes that we can always be free. For if anyone does think so, he would probably be practicing psychology than sociology. Which brings us to the next issue
<br>2) Methodological holism is the view that macro phenomena should be explained at a macro level, and methodological individualism argues that these phenomena can be reduced and explained using its parts. Durkheim was basically arguing that sociology can be a science different from Psychology because he believes in meth.holism. This argument is carried into the contemporaries as well. This is also another unsolved problem as well. If we argue that sociology can be reduced to social psychology, then soc-psych can be reduced to psych, and psych to neuro-physiology, and n.physiology to biology, biology to chemistry, chemistry to physics, physics to quantum physics, etc...than does that mean that the only legitimate discipline is hardcore super quantum physics? This is an issue concerning the survival of sociology as a science itself. Many people have dealt with this issue, and they have two fractions: the macro sociologists and the micro. In the macro, we have ...