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Post a link to a newspaper or periodical article about a different current event to discuss. Describe the chosen article, and explain if from a sociological perspective. Write a 250-300 word summary on the conclusion about the event. Be specific as to which perspective best explains the event and the purpose it serves in society. The summary should maintain neutrality and should not judge the selected events as good of bad, right or wrong.

I have attached the article on found in USnews. Thank you very much.

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...lthy systems within their respective paradigms (economic and academic). The article, written by Eddie Ramirez and published online via US News' website looks at the study released by Colin Powell's America's Promise Alliance (in cooperation with the Gates Foundation), an advocacy organization geared towards the development and promotion of a better quality of life for children. The article lists the result of this study - academic statistics. According to the study while there was a rise in the graduation rates in the top 50 US cities, 53% of High School students in the largest cities do not earn their diploma while 71% of those belonging to far more comfortable families and social situation in the suburbs do.

For Chris Swanson, the author of the report, the situation is alarming. His study looked at the economic and employability situation of said dropouts and found that they need help, earning significantly less than those of their suburb High School graduate counterparts. He worries that they will find the economic situation difficult to survive in. Ramirez notes that a recent prominent study funded by Mckinsey and Co. found that had America financed and worked at bridging academic ...