Estimate the number of undergraduate sociology students

Estimate the number of undergraduate sociology students in the U.S. How would you research this? How would you come to a ballpark figure? Explain how you came up with your estimate.

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...h another approach.


I don't know if you are to discuss procedures, but you may also want to consider the different ways/sources you will collect your data. Will you access the information by first getting a list of all the accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. and search their websites for an enrollment number, for example.

Do you have time to do this? Is this too detailed, and do you only need an estimate?

The solution to this age-old research problem is sampling.

Sample - In every case of research, we select a sample from among the data that might be collected and studied. This is a carefully chosen subset of a population.

You may want to consider the different types of sampling procedures:
1. Probability Sampling
- simple random sampling
- stratified sampling
- cluster sampling

2. Nonprobability Sampling
- reliance on available subjects
- purposive or judgmental sampling
- snowball sampling
- quota sampling
- selecting informants

You have some decisions to make! You must acknowledge that even the most rigorous technique cannot guarantee representation.

Statistically Specific
As I have already said, researchers in the social sciences constantly confront the problem of populations that are too large to test (or count). In inferential ...