Insight into how family and motherhood views are shaped.

How does personal experience shape one's view of family and motherhood?

One may begin to answer this question by examining the works of three authors -- Luker, Edin, and Kohn -- which describe how abortion, poverty, and social class may affect how one views family and participates in family experiences.

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... she is so successful in other areas of her life, like her career. Therefore the pro-choice woman is more likely to favor abortion, because she is more likely to want that service as a possible option. But motherhood is the primary role for the pro-life woman. She would not advocate abortion because having a child is so important to her, she would feel that the child should be born so someone could have the chance to be a parent.

Kathryn Edin, in "Surviving the Welfare System", interviewed Chicago area women and discovered that the poverty they faced led them to do things they wouldn't normally do to make ends meet and survive. Some had to ask friends and family for help, while others performed illegal and under-the-table jobs to earn the extra money. Some tried to work in a legal position but found that they made more money on welfare. Often ...