Exploring the Sociological Imagination

Please assist me with the following question: Wright Mills invented the term sociological imagination. In your own words, what is the sociological imagination? Select an article from a news magazine (such as Time or Newsweek) that describes conflicts and the changes that are taking place in a com...

Historical Role of Colonialism in Colonized Nations

Discuss the historical role of colonialism in understanding the current socio-political climate regarding class, race, racism, and the resulting family patterns that emerged in nations that were colonized. (Using Mali, South Africa, Ethiopia, Chad, Japan, India, Cuba, Guatemala, and Brazil) how does...

Family Patterns Influenced by Ideological Structures

Briefly discuss the various family patterns influenced by ideological structures of familial, patriarchy, and matriarchy. How do these constructs influence the daily life of families? Give an analysis of the different family patterns using Mail, South Africa, Ethiopia, Chad, Japan, India, Cuba, Guat...

The World's Future Uncertainties

The future of the world is uncertain; there are those who predict a wonderful world where technology and creativity provide a good quality of life for most people, while others predict a world of competition, and strife. Use two sociological theories, to explain why these polar opposites could both...

How Social Movements Impact Society

Please help answer the following questions regarding how social movements impact society. - What social movements have been noted in the United States in the last decade? - What implications have these movements had on today's culture? - Then, hypothesize what current social movements could...

Is Obesity Really a Problem?

I need some help with a couple questions: a. Why is obesity high in some states and not in others? b. Is overeating the only cause of rising obesity rates, or what other social factors could contribute to them? c. In the nature-nurture debate, do you think that people are the size they are beca...

Key Trends in American Family Life

- What are some of the key trends in American family life? How do you define family in your own life? - What are these key factors driving some of the trends you've mentioned? Do you expect these trends to continue?

Social Problems Summarized

Identify a "social problem" Summarize the social problem form the lens of: 1. The Functionalist perspective 2. The Conflict perspective 3. The Symbolic Interaction perspective.

Race and Gender Roles: The Effects of Socialization

Why is race a social, rather than biological, category? How have women's and men's gender roles, and gender role socialization, changed since the 1950s? Give examples based on your personal or professional experience.

Revolution and Reform: Occupy Wall Street, Same Sex Marriage

1.) Describe an example of social situation where the intentions of the person involved might be different from the outcome or consequence of the action. 2.) Describe how the legalization of same-gender marriage might strengthen the institution of marriage. 3.) How would the folks involved in ...

Hate Crimes

1) Who is a typical individual who commits hate crimes? 2) Who are some targets and/or victims of hate crimes? 3) What are some of the causes and effects of these crimes? 4) What actions can be taken to minimize the occurrence of hate crimes?

The Concept of Trust

Discuss the concept of trust. What are some component of trust and describe them What are the different types of trust? What does trust have to do w/ relationships (family, workplace, significant other) and why it is important? Are they different levels of trust? Is trust important ...

How to Change the World - Fabio Rosa

As David Bornstein shows in "How to Change the World," Rosa has become somewhat of a hero to hundreds of thousands of Brazilians. Beginning his career outside the small southern Brazilian city Palmares, Rosa has been developing innovative solutions to the chronic electricity problems in rural Brazil...

Country Music

What are the aesthetics of country music and what trends are emerging in the consumption and production of country music?

Social Research in Child Abuse and Neglect

I am working on a project on the subject of curtailing child maltreatment and prevention programs and services for abused and neglected children. Agencies that provide services to abusive and neglectful families have the ethical obligation to ensure that their services are effective. Following the ...

The Sociology of Celebrity Culture and Gender Roles

1.) What do you think celebrity culture says about our larger culture? How do reality TV shows create instant "celebrities"? 2.) Discusses the significance of gender role socialization. What do toys suggest regarding the gender role expectations of boys and girls? 3.) What is the macro sociol...


Analyze how knowledge is obtained through personal experiences, tradition, authority, and intuition, especially in counseling/mental health. Evaluate each source of knowledge in terms of its strengths and limitations as it applies to how your discipline obtains knowledge.

Sociological Research Methods

Explain how each of the major methods of sociological research - experiment, survey, participant observation, and secondary research - are suitable for helping us to answer different types of questions and to study different situations. Provide an example of how each method might be used.

Legal Process for Studying in the US

Please help answer the following question regarding theoretical framework. If you lived in a country outside the United States and wanted to come to the United States to attend an institution of higher learning, what process would you follow?