Social Change: Health Care

What is social change? How does it relate to health care? On a micro level? On a macro level?

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...ducation systems, etc.). It can thus be bad or good dependent upon the social situation and context of the change. The notion of social change refers to the way society is altered. The nature of society is that it is subject to change. Society is dynamic as it reacts to the context of the times - what is going on, the concerns of the people, the issues confronting society, the situation of the environment, etc. Likely, the change that happens is subject to the influences and pressures society has so that what results is more relevant to the needs of the social situation.

In terms of health care, the debate in the US right now is to achieve some kind of reform. According to Little (2010), "One of the largest and most interesting processes of change going on in the United States today is the rapid redesign and adjustment of the American healthcare system. A key driver is this spring's passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), but the more fundamental causes are the twin crises we face for access and rising cost for health coverage. Somehow, the country needs to find a way of including the whole population within the insured population, and we need to find ways of reducing the rate of growth of ...