Understanding Mezzo Level Advocacy Organizations

Advocacy Organizations

Conduct an Internet search for advocacy organizations related to the social policies in a mezzo or macro area of social work. For example, if you were searching for an advocacy organization (mezzo level) in the area of mental illness, you might come across National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

Describe the advocacy organization you researched. How does the role of the social worker affect the relationship with the client? Identify two assumptions related to power, organizations, and clients in advocacy.

Must be at least 300 words.

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...ll there is a direct relationship with the macro level because the role of the social worker is affected by the governing and supporting structures of the macro level organizations.

If (and when) the funding and governing structures change, the client is directly affected as well as the social worker.

Identify two assumptions related to power, organizations, and clients in advocacy.

I have attached an article on power politics:

Lee, Marian A., Tammy Jorgensen Smith, and Ryan G. Henry. Power Politics: Advocacy to Activism in Social Justice Counseling. University of South Florida. Available at: http://www.psysr.org/jsacp/Lee-V5n3-13_70-94.pdf

1) The assumption that one culture is the prevailing culture and that governs the way the organization chooses its clients and guides what kind of support is provided to any other culture.

The goal is supposed to be to help the human issues be supported through changing environments. Those human issues can range across races and religions. Social welfare and justice, at base, remains the same.

2) The social worker is ...