ANOVA: Horses Running a Simulated Race

The owner of Happy Horses Farm owns four young race horses and wants to select the fastest to run in the Kentucky Derby. He designates three jockeys to ride the horses on four similar tracks at his large farm. Below are the times in seconds for riders and horses to run a simulated race.

Horse 1 Horse 2 Horse 3 Horse 4
Jockey 1 120 118 129 109
Jockey 2 138 125 121 98
Jockey 3 124 131 127 100

(a) Process the data on Excel. Use the two-way ANOVA program without replication. This model is used when each cell has only one entry.

(b) Address the main effects, for which there are two, one for jockey and the other for horse. There is no interaction with this model. Look on your printout for a high obtained F ratio that is accompanied by a very low P-value. Do you see a high obtained F and a low P-value? If so, where?

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...are in columns) has a high F ratio (419.7777778) and a low p-value (0.022025). Since ...