Business Examples: Positive, Negative and Spurious Relations

Give three real life or business examples of each of the following:

a) Positively related events. Explain why they are directly related.

b) Negatively related events. Explain why they are inversely related.

c) Spuriously related events. Explain why they are spuriously related

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(1) In real life, babies who are held more tend to cry less
Possible Reason: When a baby is carried (by its mother or father), it is reassuring to the baby and calms it down. Research supports this observation.
(2) In lower school, we see students who watch long hours of television score poor grades.
Possible Reason: Children are not mature enough to realize the importance of time and therefore, if not watched over, get addicted to the TV. Studies suffer and they get poor grades.
(3) In society education and crime have a negative correlation. The crime rate tends to be low in an ...