Simple Linear Regression Model for copying Acu machine data.

Practice Problems

a) Explain what is meant by " is an unbiased estimator of the parameter ".

b) Why is it desirable for a sample statistic to be unbiased?

c) and are unbiased estimators of ______ and ______ respectively.

6. Acu-Copiers sells and services the Acu-500 copying machine. As part of its standard service contract, the company performs routine service on this copier. They would like to be able to predict the time for a routine service based on the number of copiers to be serviced. Acu-Copiers collected the following data for 11 service calls.

Call Number of
Copiers Serviced : X Number of
Minutes required :Y
1 4 100
2 2 60
3 5 140
4 7 190
5 1 40
6 3 80
7 4 100
8 5 130
9 2 70
10 4 110
11 6 150
Total 43 1170

a. Which is the response variable, Y, and which is the explanatory variable, X ?

b. Assuming a SLR model ( ) is appropriate, find the least squares fitted regression equation.

c. For this problem, give the practical interpretations (if possible) for b1 and b0. If it is not possible, explain why.

d. The error term in the statistical model for this problem describes the effects of many factors on service time. Give 2 specific examples of such factors.

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